• Victor Sonde


You need to read this ... you are only young once and you cannot afford to waste it ... the internet is the best thing that happened to humanity.

There is not a better time to be alive than these times and I'm so grateful to be alive at such times as this where some young man from a little corner of the world can teach himself skills to save his family and impact lives in such a fun way ... What's not to like about that?

I'm not a programmer ... I'm a Technology Product Manager and now Instructional Design Lead at WayMaker Digital Academy. Over the years, I have done some amazing things with the power of technology and worked with some of the world's leading brands building, designing and launching hi-tech software applications and solutions.

Truth is I don't have a background in Computer science or degree in Technology (you can check my LinkedIn Profile here - https://www.linkedin.com/in/victorsonde/) but I have a burning passion for technology and its ability to transform lives/families. This passion really shines through in every project or product idea I've ever worked and the same passion has brought me this far in my career.

If you ask me why I have such a burning passion, it is because of stories like that of Michael Sayman (below).

This passion is what has led initiatives like Ablaze Network with a mission to facilitate a network community of professionals, graduates, undergraduates and students; sharing stories, experiences and lessons that inspire/motivate one another to create a better families, societies and world at large.

You need to read the story below (it's long read, I bet you will not regret it)

In the same spirit, you might want to encourage a young person you know to join us at the upcoming ABLAZE 2.0 "In pursuit of Professional Excellence" at the Manchester Conference Centre on the 23 November 2017.

Door Opens at 6 pm and we finish at 8 pm.

Register here to attend - https://www.ablaze.network/ and share with someone who needs this.

Opportunities for attending include:

  • 100% Sponsored Agile Scrum Online Certification course

  • Discount vouchers from Dominos

  • Branded coupons from Pizzahut and much more ...


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