• Victor Sonde


Over the last weekend, I read a book about mindsets, “Mindsets - The Psychology of Success.”

I found a part of this book quite instructive and decided to share a few things.

Two types of mindsets were discussed in this book based on research findings; the Fixed Mindset and the Growth Mindset. The Fixed Mindset individuals have a deterministic view of the world; with a set of attributes highlighted below:

  • Avoid challenges

  • Give up easily on obstacles

  • Ignore useful/critical feedback

  • Threatened by the success of others

Growth Mindset individuals believe that intelligence, skills abilities can be developed with constant practice, hard-work and persistence. Some of the attributes of people with this mindset include:

  • Desire to learn

  • Persistence in the face of setbacks

  • Effort is key to mastery of any skill

  • Take criticism or negative feedback as lessons learnt

  • Inspired by the success of others

  • Greater sense of free will

As individuals, we all have a mixture of the Fixed Mindset and Growth Mindset. However, the interesting this is that the research concluded that everyone can transition from the Fixed Mindset to the Growth mindset, children and adults can learn to change their views of the world.

A “talent” is generally not enough to be successful. Whilst there are so many talented people, not all of them can be called successful. It’s about practice, consistency and becoming better at every opportunity there is. Be it a sport, a skill, an ability or whatever you’re trying to achieve, consistent practice is at the very core of any successful endeavours and a key requirement in order become the best in any chosen field of interest.

Ablaze Network seeks to inspire, motivate and encourage everyone to aspire for more than the status quo and embrace a growth mindset in order to achieve their full potentials in career, business and life generally.

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Stay Inspired.


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