Privacy Policy

Who is ABLAZE Network?
The term ” we, our, us” refers to ABLAZE Network.

ABLAZE Network is social learning and networking events platform created to provide education, empowerment and enlightenment on issues that affect our everyday lives, careers and businesses.

Our registered office is Peter House Oxford Street Manchester M1 5AN.

How does ABLAZE Network Collect information?
ABLAZE Network is committed to protecting your personal information when you use our services. This Privacy Policy relates to how we control, process, handle, and protect personal information we collect from you via the following online services and device:

Any ABLAZE Network that links to this Privacy Policy:

  • Social media or official ABLAZE Network content on other websites

  • Mobile device or mobile applications (apps)

  • Email, phone, and SMS messaging.

  • ABLAZE Network Partners and use of Third-party services as data processors to store subscriber details.

What sort of Information is Processed by ABLAZE Network?

We may collect your personal information whenever you participate in, access, or sign up to any of our services, activities, or online content such as newsletters, live chats, boot camps, courses, webinars. Also when you use our app or web browser on your device, to book an event or course, create an account, or reserve a place for a programme; information about you may be accessed from or stored on your device. This is used in a similar way to a web browser cookie (Details of our web browser cookies are contained in our cookie policy).

Personal data collected includes:

  • name,

  • contact details such as email and mobile phone number

  • your communication preference


When providing personalised services, we may ask your permission to review third-party data about you, such as Facebook feeds, or Twitter, to be able to provide a more effective service tailored with respect to your interest.

Some of our services help us sign in via a third party service, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Slack. If you sign in via a third party, you will be requested to give permission to ABLAZE Network to be able to access your personal information (e.g. name and email address) and to contact you for future services of interest.

Please note any information not required by the particular service you have opted to use won’t be retained by ABLAZE Network.

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